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The Buried Lede: Beyond the Bylines

The Buried Lede with hosts journalists Fred Schruers and Tom Teicholz discusses the week's stories with an insider's view, as well as sharing their passions with guests from the media world.

Jun 23, 2017

Georgia on our minds, Kellyanne's back, Spicy fails up, Jared goes abroad, Qatar and Saudi Arabia go their own way. Our guest this week is Zennie Abraham whose YouTube Channel Zennie62  where he covers the NFL draft, ComicCon, among other events and topics and has demonstrated his mastery of the SEO and attracting...

Jun 15, 2017

Fred Schruers and Tom Teicholz discuss the week's coverage including a Congressman shot, a London building burns down, Shakespeare in the Park sparks controversy, Sessions defends his honor, Megyn Kelly/ Alex Jones, The Deeps State and Oliver Stone gives us a view on Putin -- and just when we need a hero, here comes...

Jun 9, 2017

Scoop and Leaks abound from WashPo, NYTimes and even Forbes. At the same time events in Iran, Qatar and Saudia Aradia are reporting shifting allegiances in the Middle East,. We find a buried lede in the Manchester and London terrorist events, and the response of entertainers there. With guest Brad Schreiber author...

Jun 2, 2017

Changes in US Climate Change Policy, Trump's European Trip, attacks on Journalists and farewell to Frank DeFord and Dennis Johnson, and our guest Harold Bronson author of "My British Invations" about Herman;s Hermists, The Spencer Davis Trio, The Hollies, The Yardbirds, the Troggs among others.